Eyra make exceptional homewares designed to improve mobility. Their products are made for people who value design and good quality manufacturing. Among their first products was a set of kitchen utensils, launched successfully on Kickstarter.

In order to make the Kickstarter rewards clearer and a bit more exciting, I created illustrations for each of the rewards, including a stylised portrait of Sebastian Conran. The illustrations could be used in different combinations. Additionally, I created three illustrations to highlight the fact that the utensils are designed to accommodate different grip types, making them a lot easier to use.

Following the Eyra identity guidelines and working within the Kickstarter page constraints, I designed the rewards layout as well.

As a subtle detail, the background shapes behind the illustrations are stylised to spell the name “Eyra” when four rewards are shown in the same group.


Working directly with Susan Costello, Eyra’s co-founder. You can find out more about their products and approach on the Eyra website.