Calgary Chamber

I have designed the items below while working at Appetite. Images are presented courtesy of Appetite.

The Calgary (Alberta, Canada) Chamber of Commerce has been the city’s main connector of people, ideas, businesses and stories for more than 120 years. Appetite was responsible for updating the Chamber’s purpose, personality and brand strategy, together with a thorough redesign of their identity, all relying on the core concept, “beyond membership… belong”.

The new symbol expresses the Chamber’s values and strengths, which come from its diversity and members’ connectivity.

The symbol

The Calgary Chamber’s values and strengths are expressed by its new symbol (click for larger version)

I was responsible for designing most of the brand’s identity and materials. An extensive set of brand guidelines was developed, explaining all the aspects of the Chamber’s new identity, how they work in various situations, and showcasing most of the materials designed so far.

The brand guidelines

An extensive set of brand guidelines, covering the majority of the aspects of the Chamber’s new identity

Wordmark and symbol relationship

The wordmark and symbol work together in a flexible relationship across any type of branded materials

Typography and Colour

A versatile typographic approach and a generous colour palette ensure the new CC brand works well in any situation or partnership

The visual language

A flexible visual system based on both logo elements and a dynamic graphic device that can be adapted according to needs.


By only using the main brand colours, the stationery items maintain a corporate, business feel

Play with the Presidents is an annual golf networking event organised by the Calgary Chamber. I designed the new logo and developed the campaign concept and materials, based on the dual purpose of the event, golf and business.

'Play with the Presidents' logo

The new strong but smart-casual logo for the event

'Play with the Presidents' campaign

A memorable communication style, based on the duality of the event

Various printed and electronic materials rely on the same striking visuals and identity


Credits & facts

Jason Butler — Creative Director
Daniel Vasconcelos — Design Director
Iancu Barbarasa — Designer

The logo was designed by Daniel Vasconcelos (wordmark) and Iancu Barbarasa (symbol, wordmark fine-tuning).

Featured in the 'Monogram logo' book, published by Counter-Print.

You can find more about the Calgary Chamber on their website. More about Play with the Presidents on the CC events page.