I have designed the items below while working at Brandient. Photos are presented courtesy of Brandient.

Baudeman is a private label for a varied range of construction materials, owned by Dedeman, the largest DIY retailer in Romania. The logo and the visual identity are based on strong, 45°-inclined elements, creating a powerful & recognisable image for the products, easy to tell apart from the competition. The typography is based on a modified Plak Bold Extra Condensed (designed by Paul Renner, the father of Futura) for the logo and Helvetica Neue Condensed for the packages.


Powerful customized typography incased in a house-shaped pentagon.

Branding materials

The inclined elements add a strong dynamic feel and make the package easy to tell apart from the competition.

Colour coding

Colour coding is used for different categories of products.

Other products

Other products, like polystyrene and mineral cotton follow the same approach, when possible.

Safety icons

Safety icons were designed for several products.

Product range guidelines

Due to the growing product range, a general guide on logo placement, typography and colour coding was developed.

Products photos

The strong, reliable logo and clear, easy to read typography give all Baudeman products a professional look.


Credits & facts

The Brandient design team:
Cristian 'Kit' Paul — Creative director
Iancu Barbarasa — Designer

Logo designed by Iancu Barbarasa.

Awards & mentions:
— Featured in the "Brand Identity Essentials" book (Rockport Publishing):
— Featured in the "Brandient 101" book. More details here and on Brandient's website.