Noctvrna is the projection of my particular interest in both Time and Night — the first as a mischievous constraint to be what we are, the second as a providential opportunity to dive in the very depths of our mind. By chance, this projection is mostly blurry and monochrome. Photography is a means to an end, while the end itself is out of focus.

Starting with a brief similar to this fragment from the creed, I could only come up with an uncompromising, simple yet sophisticated logo and identity for Madalina Diaconescu’s alter-ego. The mysterious, nostalgic feel of Madalina’s black and white photography, often captured on the streets of Paris (but not only) takes you to a fantastic, romantic past. These themes are expressed through the Art-deco-inspired custom typography (based on the Futura typeface) for the logo.

The website keeps the focus on the photography (no pun intended), following the same black and white scheme (click on images for larger versions).

Stationery items follow the same minimalistic approach.

Be sure to visit NOCTVRNA.COM for some wonderful photography.