Flowers for her II


Flowers for her is a project I started in 2020, during the first covid pandemic lockdown. I’ve been doing it ever since, drawing flowers for my partner every morning. It’s a nice way for both of us to start the day with a smile. So far I’ve made over 700 flower drawings.

This second series started mid-2021 and uses a different style of drawing (you can read about the first series in this case study). The new style was influenced by two other projects I was working on at the time. More about it in the Process section below.

There’s a small selection of drawings in the images here, and you can see many more in the following videos.


Each of these videos shows a month’s worth of flowers, one or more drawn every day.


The flowers are drawn using pigment ink on watercolour paper (A6 postcards). The small bottles of ink come with pippetes, which I use instead of a brush. They are quite tricky to use, as the ink flow is often unpredictable, but the resulting lines have a lot of energy and charm. In some cases I use an aquabrush to wet the paper before applying the ink, which creates beautiful variations in colour.

Usually I draw the flowers early in the morning, before breakfast. Some days I do just one drawing and move on to something else, while other days I do several until I’m happy with one (or more).

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