Plates for a better day


Both art and introspection can have such a big positive impact on our lives. Unfortunately, art is too often placed on a “pedestal”, while introspection is often done in isolation, if at all.

With this in mind, I thought it would be great to bring the two of them together on a medium used on a daily basis: the humble plate. Painted letters that look a bit like a puzzle, and simple reminders that work both on a small or a large scale, both for today or for the whole year.

Part of the process

Similar to my Drawriting pieces, I wanted this series to feel quite spontaneous, playful, honest. Sometimes I would change my mind while painting, other times the unpredictable flow of ink would force me to change the plan significantly. The finished piece would often turn out quite different from the initial sketch or paper drawing, surprising even myself.

More to see

You can see more work in progress and sketchbook spreads on my dedicated Instagram account @ianculdraws.