I have designed the items below while working at Brandient. Photos are presented courtesy of Brandient, unless otherwise noted.

As an IBM business partner, Pluriva offers a wide range of IT solutions. The entire visual identity is simple, efficient, suggesting high quality technological services and attention to detail. The modular, perpetual moving elements of the logo sustain the company’s expertise and solutions.

The Pluriva logo

The logo makes use of alternating elements in cyan and green, suggesting a perfect, clock-like functioning mechanism. The wordmark is set in Renner, the Futura version bearing its creator's name.
Pharmec logo

Pharmec logo

As a sub-brand of Pluriva, the Pharmec logo was redesigned, based on the same rules as the Pluriva logo.


Logos for several sub-brands and partners of Pluriva.


Business cards, letterhead layout and grid, badges.

Invoices and contracts make use of the same grid as the letterhead.


Branded pens and notebooks.


Clean, simple, professional look for the company's black and white cars.


Exploring the logo's symbol, packaging has a strong visual impact.

Using clockworks as a metaphor, brand values posters are a good every day reminder for the employees.

Presenting the new logo

I was the one to present the new visual identity during the brand engagement sessions held by Brandient.


Credits & facts

The Brandient design team:
Cristian 'Kit' Paul — Creative Director
Iancu Barbarasa — Designer

The Pluriva logo was designed by Iancu Barbarasa.

Awards & Mentions:
Featured in the "Brandient 101" book. More details here and on Brandient's website.

Client details
More info on the Pluriva website.