Born as the answer to the question “What if sharing music was as simple as sending a message to your mates?”, Tuunio is a digital platform that allows people to connect a Spotify playlist to a Twitter hashtag – thus making it easy for anyone to tweet songs directly into their (or their friends’) playlists.

Tuunio is collaboration between Smart Labs and The Space Between (Matt Rudd and Steve Jones). I got involved early on in the project, designing the logo and shaping out the Tuunio identity together with Matt. We also worked closely with Steve, helping him decide how Tuunio should work as a digital product, and how that would be expressed as a responsive website.

Try it yourself

We’ve had a lot of fun working on the project, and testing it as well. Why not try it yourself on tuunio.com?


Project done together with The Space Between (Matt Rudd and Steve Jones). You can read Smart Labs’ project details here, and you might find Matt and Steve’s blog post interesting too.